Windmolen: The Secret of the Windmill by the Bay

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World’s biggest wind turbines now generating power off UK coast

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Reportage: Mini-windturbine als alternatief voor windmolen? (TV Enschede)

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  • World’s biggest wind turbines now generating power off UK coast.

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Yaz evi Summer House. Yelken apartment. Yelken Apartment no 6. Yellow Villa. Yesil Ev. Vanguards started installingutility scale wind turbines in the Altamont Pass in the San Francisco Bay areain During this time, there were incentives for other emerging renewables,like small wind turbines, to also be installed by the general public. No doubtthere were challenges and risks, but also the opportunity for many rewards.

However, when a small wind turbine is poorly sited, the results can beworthless—and worse—it can become a safety hazard for the community. Windturbines, be they utility scale or smaller, commercial or residential, are designedto last over 20 years. During their lifespan, a proactive maintenance regimecan extend the operational lifespan of utility scale or smaller commercial andresidential wind turbine generators to a 30 year operational life span. In spite of never having any maintenance,and although it was learned from the homeownerthat it has been freewheeling, not generating anyelectricity for approximately ten years, this machinehas not experienced a catastrophic mechanicalfailure event in over 30 years.

To the best of theknowledge of the current homeowner, the reason ithas been freewheeling is due to the fact that some-one accidentally severed the brake cable. Decommissioning a small wind turbine in the builtenvironment is not an everyday occurrence. This wind turbine was installedin residential neighborhood with a medium heightand density roughness profile, between semi-detached houses of mixed height.

The base of themast of this wind turbine is situated in very closeproximity to electrical power lines and housingstructures, making this decommissioning very chal-lenging and involved. The only information aboutthis wind turbine installation was obtained via inter-views with the surviving Wysinger family membersand from the scant City of Berkeley Zoningarchives.

The California Energy Commission CEC ,which approved an incentive payout, had a policyto dispose of documentation after four years. Efforts were made tocontact these agencies, and additionally did not netany information. All technical information cited about this windturbine installation is extricated from a March Small Wind Turbines in the Built Environment Decommissioning GuidelineDecommissioning asmall wind turbine inthe built environmentis not an everydayoccurrence After just three months, the Wysinger family realized the wind turbine wouldnot generate the amount of electricity the developer had promised.

It was alsolearned that work was not completed on this installation, and legal recoursewas pursued.

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So the family decided to decommission the wind turbine. In early , an independent consultant offered services to voluntarilyperform discovery about where the decommissioning challenges lay. Additionally it was learned that this type of ademolition was not of the familiar of any personnel in the City of BerkeleyBuilding and Planning Department, Zoning and Occupational Health and Safetydepartments.

The plan and work required during the due diligence process revealed a greatdeal of involvement, which invariably was the dominant reason why pastattempts by many others had fallen short, were never started and nevercompleted. An additional note of consequence is the installation was left in astate of disrepair and unsafe for an untold number of years, never receiving anyOM operations and maintenance.

The state of the electrical infrastructurewas also left in a dubious state.