The Art of Condolence: What to Write, What to Say, What to Do at a Time of Loss

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Death can awaken us, if we allow it, to timeless methods of meaningful correspondence.

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The Art of Condolence by Leonard M. Zunin, M.D. and Hilary Stanton Zunin - Book - Read Online

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Our deepest sympathy goes out to you and to the American people; we join with you and share in your anxiety and grief. It is almost impossible to imagine that human beings are behind such cruelty. Please accept our sincere condolences and our sympathy. We hope that our colleagues at the U. On behalf of our Academy and the entire Mongolian scientific community I want to say we are with you. Galbaatar Ph. Vice President Mongolian Academy of Sciences "I am deeply shocked and filled with grief over the terrible atrocity and losses brought on to your country and people, and by the nature of the attack, onto the free world at large.

The unbelievable disregard of universal values, of human life and dignity, that shows in the ferocious plans behind this act, comes as a horrifying awareness to all of us, a threat to humanity and humankind. I am sure my colleagues and professional friends will join me in my expression of readiness, in the name of the International Social Science Council, to stand prepared for whatever support you may see in need from the social science world community. To those of us who, through our work in national academies, stand for values of reason and enlightenment and who see ourselves as part of a global family, such a horrendous crime is particularly repugnant.

Our thoughts are with you in these terrible times.

Our condolences go to those who have lost their dear ones. America is my second home and my ties with you are those of an intense partnership, even of friendship, that has grown over the years of joint endeavor in promoting science for the good of humankind. Let us not be deterred by such brutal acts against our free world. This is a sign of a very mature society. Let us hope and wish that this attitude will continue to prevail also on the political scene in the months to come.

National Academies how sorry we are for your country and the victims. We Academies must fight together to increase comprehension between people and foster peace. These assaults have been an especially grave shock to all our scientists who engage in the active and friendly exchange of knowledge and research findings with American colleagues. We are also grievously shaken by the individual human tragedies of fate, and all our sympathy is with the innocent victims and their relations.

This is a betrayal of conscience and a challenge to human civilization.

At this time of great difficulties, I am extending…our heartfelt condolences to all the victims and their relatives, and our deepest sympathy to the American people. The Chinese and American scientists will forever work hand in hand for world peace, justice, conscience and human civilization. A hallmark of science is its open and boundless nature. Openness and possibilities for insight also is an absolute requirement for functioning democracies.

If there is a role to play for the international engineering and technology community I sincerely hope that we all take this responsibility upon ourselves. It hurts the people that value the human right to life, that cherish peace among peoples, that look for the path of moral principles, that are concerned by human suffering. We are committed with the search for truth with the hope that the advancement of knowledge will lead to a better life and to a caring international society.

We hope knowledge will contribute to widen tolerance among people in all countries of the world. We offer support and collaboration to help to build the foundations for a better future, devoid of acts of terror like the one you have suffered. The international democratic community must join efforts as never before to eradicate the evil of mass terrorism completely. We are all stunned and deeply shocked at what unthinkable wickedness can be nurtured and put into practice by extreme and fatalistic views.

Our hearts are with all Americans who died or lost someone they loved, all who got injured and all who are rescuing their fellow men. We firmly believe that the time has come when all civilised nations and countries must do their best to work and act together in order to be able to erase terrorism from the face of the Earth.

I am very much concerned about the safety of my American friends and their families of the Committee on International Security and Arms Control. I strongly condemn any kind of terrorism. National Academy of Sciences in these trying times. We live in a time of absolute solidarity of the sensible people; people of good will; and cannot tolerate the jeopardizing of our freedom through terror and the tolerance being trampled on. All French people are close to the American people in this occasion and I want to send you all my best.

We are in shock and total disbelief. I was on the metro today at noon, when it stopped for three minutes. Everybody stood in silence and sent all their thoughts to those who have lost their loved ones and to the American people.

How to Write a Letter of Condolence

However, I still strongly believe in the power of scientific and intellectual exchange. The International Council for Science rule about free circulation of scientists was powerful during the cold war and apartheid years. We definitely condemn such criminal terrorist actions and stand beside the American people in their undeserved tragedy. Please accept our condolences and compassion for the affected families.