Les transformations silencieuses (essai français) (French Edition)

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More filters. Sort order. Start your review of The Silent Transformations. Aug 16, Philippe rated it it was amazing Shelves: futures-thinking , history , management , philosophy , systems-thinking. Reading this compact, handsome book feels like visiting another planet. Not unpleasant, certainly disorientating. Jullien unveils for us the landscape of classical Chinese thinking through an exploration of the notion of change.

Western thinking, rooted in a metaphysics of Being, has no truck with transformation. Tied to a language of predicative statements, it is unable to think transition without resorting to artifice and obscurity. But at the same time it has deprived itself of an inverse, concealed or abandoned fertility, which might allow the indeterminable to be grasped from the passage or transition. It contains which appears symptomatic of the handicap from which Greek thought suffers, so that consequently we in Europe have paid less attention to it. Because flourishing nature is a potent source of inspiration for China, a land of agriculturalists.

Nature is purposeless, but it transforms all the time.

Les transformations silencieuses comme concept stratégique

That change reflects a dynamic constellation of forces, a rhizomatic network of energy lines that is impossible to demarcate. There is no metaphysical substrate that carries change along, there is no essence, identity, meaning, destination. Jullien offers different vantage points. One the one hand these terms are opposed, but at the same time each of the terms marks the condition of the other. Together they constitute an persistent unfolding: the modification breaks the continuation, but at the same time does not cease to promote the latter as it emerges from the exhaustion that undermines it.

Each moment alternates, from modification or from continuation, but even that of the modification, as it corrects the factor which is wearying out by means of the other, functions in such a way as to benefit its other and so serves the continuation of the totality of the process. He discussed that much more elaborately in his earlier book.

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Sun Tzu reflected Chinese wisdom in his art of war. Strategically this translates into an approach of inducement and maturation rather than planning and forced intervention. Aid what emerges on its own! A succession of themes emerges through that meandering motion including the notion of time, the concept of history and the status of the event. Furthermore, Jullien weaves in poignant reflections on processes that manifest themselves in most lives - ageing, breakups in relations, moves - that help to sense the radically mundane character of Chinese wisdom.

What else is there still right in front of us but the grass which grows and the mountains which erode, bodies which become heavy and faces which become emaciated, life which fecundates, or becomes exhausted, or rather which, while fecundating, is already starting to become exhausted? And vague expectations that crystallize into feverish passion, or else meetings that become less frequent.


Or amorous complicities which, without being confessed, turn into relations of power? Or heroic revolutions which without our being able to locate when mutate into the privileges of the Party? Or else the wounds of yesterday which are displaced, buried and condensed, and then transcribe themselves into encrypted representation of dreams - and works which ripen in silence?

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In his treatment of Chinese thought and thus of "Eastern" thought more generally, by implication Jullien is careful to avoid simply advocating for an "exotic window" p. What he's actually after is to create a "lever to move what has become immoveable within our philosophical questions, and, still more, in their preconceptions" p. In other words, the aim is not to save the honor of some Western or non-Western "other" nor to apply an "other" back onto Western thinking as a facelift , but to actually find routes into more insightful ways of thinking and, hopefully, into more wothwhile ways of acting, also.

What makes this book especially valuable is Jullien's nuanced knowledge of both the Western and Chinese sources -- he easily moves from analyzing Plato and Aristotle's constitutive inability to conceptualize transformation in-itself to applying these same formal insights right back onto contemporary Western life re: Jullien's re-characterization of Western, globalized media as "spectacle," p. Although he deals with Henri Bergson briefly, Jullien tends to avoid addressing head-on some of the minor but already existing trends within Western traditions which are closer to his own emphasis -- some varieties of pragmatism, Whitehead's process philosophy, etc.

This omission could be seen as a fault, or else as an intentional decision to streamline his main argument. An expanded version of this sort of analysis could definitely benefit by including more material on the variations within the respective traditions, as well which Jullien does at least acknowledge, p. This is because difference relates to identity as well as to its opposite and, as a result, to the demand for identity — we can see well enough how many false debates are pursued today.

To consider the diversity of cultures on the basis of their differences leads to their being attributed with specific features and it encloses each of them within a unity of principle" pp. Elle s'occupe du foyer. Mieux : selon les reprend alors sa peau et s'envole avec son fils 9. Chez les Yupik, l'homme parvient renard en lui reprochant sa mauvaise odeur. Chez les Alutiiq, l'homme suit sa femme nous ne sommes alors plus loin de la forme dans le Ciel des Oiseaux.

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Las transformaciones silenciosas by François Jullien (2 star ratings)

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