Central Asia: A New Great Game?

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In the years to come, both Asian powers are looking to redeploy their rivalry on the Central Asian and Afghan theatres on a geopolitical, but also political and economic level. Laruelle J. Peyrouse B.

The New Great Game

Balci J. Cabestan E. Kavalski M. Singh Roy S. Singh B.

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    Asia's New Great Game: The Coming Conflict in Asia?

    Sachdeva L. Gayer R. Two Asian giants in urgent need of natural resources to sustain their growth are bordering Central Asian countries which are among the richest area for minerals, oil and gas. But Central Asia is also at the heart of the new 'Great game' because of the Afghan war and the spread of Islamism, two causes of concern for Beijing and New Delhi. Will they cooperate to build a better world?

    Great Games, Local Rules: The New Great Power Contest In Central Asia - Open Society Foundations

    Will they fight? The book sets the terms of analysis. It approaches the problem of China-India relations from a wide range of regional and disciplinary perspectives and the volume involves a diverse group of scholars from Central Asia, China, India, and Europe. That money could have bought a lot of infrastructure at home—too bad. As on many issues related to this sad conflict, Americans are being swindled.

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    Occasionally, it has been pointed out that American lives and treasure in Afghanistan are going to protect Chinese investments. But like many accusations hurled in the ever-more politicized atmosphere of U. Given the parlous state of U. Now, that optimism seems a bit foolhardy. Like the rest of the world, the Russian press has also actively followed rumors of increasing Chinese involvement in Afghanistan. A paradox is partially revealed in the foregoing analysis.

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    While it does not have a direct border with Afghanistan, Russia is more than a little concerned that instability in the country could spill into into Central Asia. While Moscow is wise enough not to try its hand at military intervention again directly in Afghanistan, it has long maintained a sizable garrison in Tajikistan.

    For its part, China has similarly vital interests in Afghanistan, especially given its Belt and Road strategy, but likewise seems reluctant to commit its own troops to the fray.